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Hi and welcome to my site!
My mission here at Sweet Remedy Radio is to fortify you with knowledge and differing viewpoints from authors, experts and other wise folk. Along the way, here on the website, I offer you fascinating DVDs, CDs and a few other great items on unusual and hard to find subjects.
Ultimately, I want to empower you so that you can partner with your health and wellness providers to make informed decisions about your health care and your life. I'm here to inform, not prescribe.
Tune in the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm Pacific time. I'm excited you're here! Thank you for allowing me to be a step on your journey toward self-empowerment and your own vibrant and optimal health and life!

To health, freedom and happiness,

Groundbreaking and eye-opening documentary that reveals the truth
about aspartame - a documentary that can truly save your life and the life of those you love. More

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Dr. Ralph Walton, featured in Sweet Misery, is currently working on a study and is looking for people to fill out a questionnaire. If you are a woman who has given birth since 1984, please fill out this quick form by clicking here Send it to Dr. Walton at rwalton193@aol.com


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May 13, 2014
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Discovering His Own Path to Health!

Special Series: Part One

Spotlight on People Learning to Listen to their Bodies and Rediscovering their Health

My personal story of how I recovered from type two diabetes, freeing myself of all my medications.

I soon came to learn how our food supply was being tampered with and contaminated by the processed food industry. At the age of 39 years old I walked into my family doctor’s office which I have been going to for years. At the time of my visit I wasn’t feeling so well so I quickly explained my symptoms to my doctor who then asked his attending nurse to check my glucose level. She withdrew my blood.

Within a few seconds I was told that I was now a type two diabetic. As I sat on the examination bed taking in this news, my doctor provided no explanation and no other alternative explanation. My doctor quickly pulled out his prescription pad and started to prescribe diabetic controlling medication.

I was not sure what to think about this diagnosis. I remembered feeling sad about this news; however, with no true understanding of what type two diabetes really was about, I knew only what I had been told: that genetics played some part in this disease. I then asked myself, “what can I do about my diabetes?”

I had no understanding about diabetes, but I also knew that I had to do something about this diagnosis. So I left the doctor’s office with prescription in hand to pick up my medication at my local drug store. I then headed home to try my new prescription and see if it could cure me. At the time, I did not know that drugs do not cure this disease but merely helped to control it.



As I think back to how I went about handling this disease, I took somewhat of a slow approach, because I only felt sick when I ate food (?- I don’t get this)) or drank sugary drinks. It also did not help me that I continued to eat a high sugar diet in the form of carbohydrates, diet sodas, smoking, beer etc. Only a few months of trying to cope with this disease and taking my medications, which made me feel even sicker, I realized that there had to be a better way to cure myself than just consuming medication. It felt like I had hit a brick wall. Here I was thinking to myself, “How do I get over this wall?“

I looked all around for a way to overcome this obstacle. Only then did the answer come to me. I told myself that I had to look deep into nature for the answer. At this very moment, I knew I had to look at what I was consuming. On November 11, 2011, my food journey started.  I’ll never forget my coworker He saw me drinking a diet soda as he walked by my desk and asked me if I drank “Aspartame”.  I made a mental note of the word I had never heard before: “aspartame”.

 On my first night of my journey, I read the ingredients of a diet soda I had in my hand, and there it was: the word, aspartame!  I spent the rest of the night on the internet researching this ingredient.  I headed over to YouTube to see what hits I would get on aspartame. As I did a search what came up was a documentary called “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World”. I must have seen this documentary about 3 times, taking notes and names of everyone in the movie for more research on the days to come.

 I lived alone, so on the following weeks and months I read and read all about aspartame, finding articles online and buying books on toxins from Dr. Russell L. Blaylock who was in the film Sweet Misery.  I read “Excitotoxins: the taste that kills”and then his second book “Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life”.   The more I read the more I started to find  toxins everywhere in canned soups, boxed foods, bags of chips, etc. I read about additional toxins like GMOs, MSG, sucralose, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast, soy protein, carrageenan, soy protein isolate, and natural flavors, and quickly cut out these ingredients from my diet.

I also learned how highly toxic sugar was for the body and cut it down to super low amounts, drinking only water for months on end. I next found a book called “Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis” which took me to another level of understanding about foods like breads, pasta, grains and so on. The next step was cutting out grains, which made the pounds fly off with no exercise, only walking.  I started to feel my body shrinking from the inside out; pant sizes going from 38 to 33, t-shirts going from X-large to small, belts from 38 down to 34.I returned to my doctor’s office to check how my blood work would look due to so much weight loss (51 pounds).

I knew I was on the right journey, as all my blood work started to drastically improve: A1c back to normal (5.1 non-diabetic), HDL (good cholesterol) moving back up from the very low 20's and heading up to 39 and still going up, LDL (bad cholesterol) going back closer to the normal range, triglycerides going from 816 down to 169 and moving faster down to the normal range of 150, and PH 25 vitamin D going up to 49. I believe my research has paid off. I will continue this food journey, as it has become a way of life for me. Truly, I believe this new found love for cleaner eating has basically saved my life. I currently live a happy grain free, gluten free, dairy free, life…



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And on the last show...

The Dynamic Duo of Lisa Hart and Natalie-Marie Hart!

Part One & Two

Natalie-Marie Hart is no typical 13 year old trying new hairstyles and nail polish.Wise beyond her years, Natalie-Marie is the host of Crystal Kids Radio, with topics ranging from MK Ultra and Mind Control to Fukushima and much more! No topic is taboo as she expands the minds of kids and adults alike. And now she is launching her own radio network! She teams up with her mother, Lisa Hart, to talk with Cori about home schooling, her new network, environment, GMO's, nuclear waste and the dangers of nuclear plants.They'll also discuss the new Canadian Referendum which seeks to separate Quebec from Canada and its implications to Canada and the world. And, by the way, her mother is no slouch. She has a long history in Canadian Government, accomplishing much and seeing some things that will raise a few eyebrows. She is a living historical figure, who Cori will welcome to the show next month to discuss those topics.

Natalie-Marie Hart began at the age of eleven. She was born in Canada and began a radio show online on youtube. She is a producer, director, editor, and the founder of Crystal Kids Radio Show.  She is known as an investigative journalist and has also written, directed, produced, edited a series of documentaries. Now she has branched out with her own network called the Crystal Kids Network.   The network is a talk show and a news network for people of all ages to listen to.  It is going to be operated by young adults.  She is the first kids radio show and network.  Activist Post (http://www.activistpost.com <http://www.activistpost.com> ) an article by Heather Callaghan talks about her journey as the first World's Youngest Investigative journalist.

She is making a name for herself by reporting the real news.  She looks for the real truth.  

Natalie-Marie decided to start the first Kids Radio show that was different from everybody else's. If there is one thing that sets Natalie-Marie apart from other journalists she began at the age of 11 as an investigative reporter interviewing history makers.

She was inspired to start a radio show after experiencing bullying at an organization that advertised love and sisterhood. She saw the corruption of the organization and decided to start an independent Radio show. Many of them are activists, novelists, documentarians, former and present politicians.

Natalie-Marie Hart wants to make changes and she believes that you must start with the children. Natalie-Marie Hart said, "We as children need to make changes and develop our talents, become creative, learn to play and appreciate all kinds of music, learn to paint, sing and respect nature.  Also help our local charities and protect the children.  We have become insensitive to violence. Instead of giving a helping hand when someone is different or even gets hurt, many have been disconnected and laugh. People have just become insensitive and disconnected."

Natalie-Marie began a radio show to stop this insensitivity and bring back feelings, and understanding. She is working with children that are activists and supporting their causes and their charities. Many parents are not even aware that they have become disconnected with reality.

She is embarking in an outstanding career at the age of 13 with her unique interviews and challenges mainstream media to keep to the facts. Her focus is to make footsteps and a pathway for the rights of children.

Natalie-Marie also said, “As children our parents teach us to look beyond people’s appearances, and not to judge others based on if they are wearing the latest fashion, or if their appearance is not as pleasing as others. We live in a world where we are bombarded by messages that material things matter and commercialism dictates how to live our lives. As a kid I believe that we need to look beyond the first impression and see the person as what they are underneath.”


Lisa Hart

Natalie-Marie Hart’s mother Lisa is a strong-willed woman.  She lives in Canada.  She worked in the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, which is almost like working in the Vice President’s office. She did have high security level when working in the government.  She won a medal for her hard work in the community. During the Quebec referendum she fought the New World Order when they tried to separate the French speaking Canadians from the English speaking Canadians in 1995.   She organized the buses to go to Montreal Quebec.  She played a very important part in history. Then she walked away from all of that and started a family.  Natalie Marie Hart was inspired by her mother for standing up to the new world order.




And previously...



Cori talks with attorney, Richard Faerber, about his early battles with the mskers of aspartame to get the substance banned in the state of Arizona and later with attorney Jim Turner to get aspartame banned nationwide. He'll talk about his work with Dr. Woodrow Monte, little known facts about these battles and much more!

Attorney Richard Faerber has practiced law in Arizona since 1982. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1976, earning a B.A. in Political Science, with honors and distinction, where he was also awarded membership in the academic honor society Phi Kappa Phi.  He earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1982 from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, where he also served as an Articles Editor for the Arizona State Law Journal (Law Review). For two years, he also served as an intern at the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest.
In 1983, Mr. Faerber, representing Dr. Woodrow Monte of Arizona State University, the Arizona Consumers Council AND THE Arizona Dietetic Association filed in Arizona the first State Petition filed in any State which sought  to ban the use of Aspartame in carbonated beverages. Shortly prior to the date finally set for the Court to enter the Order requiring the Arizona Department of Health Services to conduct a full evidentiary hearing on the Petition, the manufacturer of Aspartame succeeded in persuading the Arizona Legislature and Governor to change Arizona law. This eleventh hour change in Arizona law precluded the State from regulating any food additive in a manner which conflicted with regulatory approvals granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, thus immediately preventing the State Court from issuing its Order requiring the ADHS to immediately comply with existing Arizona law and promptly conduct a hearing on the Petition.
Mr. Faerber also provided substantial assistance to Washington D.C. attorney James S. Turner in support of a Federal Court action brought in the United States Court of Appeals by Dr. Monte, the Arizona Dietetic Association, the Central Arizona Dietetic Association and the Community Nutrition Institute, which sought to ban the use nationally of Aspartame in carbonated beverages until the FDA convened and concluded public hearings considering substantial new scientific evidence demonstrating the dangers to public health which would be caused by such use.
Mr. Faerber also provided substantial assistance to attorney James S. Turner in representing the Citizens for the Protection of the Prescott Area in a major Federal Court action which sought to prevent the construction and development of a major new copper mine in the Prescott, Arizona area by international copper producer Phelps-Dodge corporation. The action alleged that approval for the proposed mine should be precluded because such approval was based on a flawed and incomplete Environmental Impact Statement which allegedly supported the public safety of the location of the proposed mine. The action resulted in the withdrawal of the EIS, and the proposed mine has never been constructed.
In addition, Mr. Faerber has represented “whistleblowers” in two major employee wrongful termination cases. The first action concerned an Arizona State regulatory agency and the litigation resulted in the Governor’s removal of the Executive Director of the agency. The second action concerned the plaintiff’s allegations of serious security problems at the largest nuclear power generating station in the United States.
Mr. Faerber also represented the Arizona Coalition for Responsible Energy Education in extensive hearings before the Arizona Corporation Commission related to objections to approval of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.
During the past 30 years, Mr. Faerber has represented both consumers and businesses in a wide variety of civil litigation matters, including business disputes, real estate matters and insurance coverage disputes.  For a period of approximately 12 years, Mr. Faerber represented more than 200 homeowners and commercial property owners in actions brought against contractors and real estate development companies alleging widespread defects in the construction of properties in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  These actions resulted in substantial recoveries for the plaintiffs in every action. Mr. Faerber has also represented victims of severe nursing home abuse in actions against operators of substandard nursing homes.
Mr. Faerber has devoted approximately 25% of his practice to providing pro bono services to clients since he began practicing law.

Mr. Faerber is admitted to practice by the State Bar of Arizona, the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, and the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Mr. Faerber has resided in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1980.


Listen to the archive of Richard Faerber's interview here

LISTEN to all the archives here
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